AHEC is proud to announce that you can now receive your entire “Mammography Initial Training” through our video course. From the comfort of your home you have the ability to meet MQSA initial training requirements to become a qualified mammographer through a series of online videos accompanied by study guides and online testing. You will receive a comprehensive mammography training course you can complete at your pace. Finish your training experience by acquiring the 25 hands-on supervised examinations at your facility with a qualified mammographer, or by registration in AHEC’s "Position with the Experts" course. Participants in the "Position with the Experts" course complete their 25 mammography procedures at one of our affiliate clinical sites in Houston, Texas. **For more information on "Position with the Experts", please click here**

Our “Mammography Initial Training” video course follows the specific guidelines enforced by MQSA. Initial training programs in mammography are required to include instruction on the “Core Competencies”, which include: anatomy, physiology, positioning, compression, quality control, and imaging of patients with breast implants. MQSA also requires at least eight hours of training in the modality of your choice, either: digital or film screen. AHEC’s “Mammography Initial Training” video course includes an eight hour section on “Digital Modality Specific Training”. **If you require “Film Screen Modality Initial Training” an eight hour course may be separately purchased here. **

The video portion of the course will total 28 hours. The 25 required mammograms under the supervision of a qualified mammographer will not count for credit hours. Completion of the video portion is required prior to beginning the 25 supervised scans.

Options to Complete the 25 Supervised Mammograms:

1.       Registering for this course only suggests to AHEC that you will be completing the 25 exams at your facility. AHEC does not coordinate the setup of a clinical site at your own facility.

2.       If you require AHEC to setup your clinical site, you are required to register for the “Position with the Experts” course as well as the “Initial Training in Mammography” video course. **For more information on Position with the Experts, please click here**

Application Process

Be sure to have turned in the following information to AHEC prior to beginning the "Mammography Initial Training" course:

  1. A copy of your ARRT card that indicates your compliance with CE requirements and the expiration date of your certification (if residing in US, must be current).
  2. A copy of your current state license, (if applicable). This is required for all states with licensure for radiologic technologists.  
  3. Course registration form and fee, if not already paid.

Minimum system requirements for online and video based home study:

Windows XP or higher


One gigabyte (GB) of RAM

** Please Note: Some lectures have Study Guides which must be used along with lectures. **