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The drug smuggling predicament has intensified over the past several years, with federal officers working full time along the southern US border. It is believed that the drug smuggling business in Mexico is worth upwards of $50 billion per year! Oftentimes drug smuggling rings use body packers, or mules, to transport drugs across borders. This practice is not only incredibly harmful to the body packer, but life threatening. This home study will take a closer look at exactly how individuals literally pack their bodies with illicit drugs and what complications can occur. Become informed about how radiologic diagnoses play a role in identifying body packers, and the possible treatments in this intriguing new home study!

Course Topics

  • Pellets, Packing, and Risks
  • Screenings
  • Case Studies

Author: Marilyn, Sackett, MEd, RT(R), FASRT and Oscar Reyes, RT(R)

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One gigabyte (GB) of RAM