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Obesity is a serious, multifaceted, chronic illness affecting patients of all ages. It continues to increase in seriousness at an alarming rate. It is not a problem affecting just the United States. It seems when we achieved Globalization, we also achieved Globesity. Imaging is integral to the care of bariatric patients. Obesity limits the ability to acquire and perform imaging procedures and interventions. This study material will discuss obesity in detail and focus on imaging the obese patient. Two main issues arise with imaging the obese patient the attenuation characteristics of human tissue, which begins to dominate when the patient weighs 250 pounds or more and the sheer difficulty of moving and transporting these patients which result in staff injuries and suboptimal studies. Join us in this new informative and educational activity and learn how our imaging modalities are used for imaging the obese patient.


Marilyn Sackett, M.Ed, RT(R), FASRT

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