Do you Facebook? You can be friended, defriended, blocked, poked, tagged, linked, tweeted, flirted, winked, texted, and liked. The term “facebooking” and “tweeting” has become part of our language and culture. The influence of these social media websites is unquestionable. Join AHEC as we discuss the social media dilemma and cover The Nature of Social Networks, Social Media goes to work, Cell Phones and Texting, Inappropriate Use Consequences, What is and isn’t PHI?, and Pros and Cons of Social Media for Employees. We must relearn the technology to learn to use it for us not against us. There are endless opportunities in social media for personal and timely communication. We have accepted the new medium and are embedding into our society. We must learn to live with the implications and experience the caution required for protecting the privacy of our patients and to build the trust that is necessary. This home study will enlighten, inform and get on the right track to using social medial appropriately and safely..