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“A trip to the doctor is almost a guarantee of misery. You’ll make an appointment months in advance. You’ll probably wait for several hours until you hear “the doctor will see you now” – but only for fifteen minutes! In The Patient Will See You Now, Eric Topol, one of the nation’s top physicians, shows why medicine does not have to be that way. Instead, you could use your smartphone to get rapid test results from one drop of blood, monitor your vital signs both day and night, and use an artificially intelligent algorithm to receive a diagnosis without having to see a doctor, all at a small fraction of the cost imposed by our modern healthcare system.” Read about Topol’s “Gutenberg moment” and the changes the internet are providing healthcare in this home study. This simple, yet scientific text will delight your medical imagination. Get your CE leisurely and become enlightened to democratized medicine; the revolutionary changes empowering the patient to be in charge of their total well-being.