1. Understand the basic steps to preforming an MRI exam and the equipment
2. Discuss the newest trends in MRI and uses – PET/MRI
3. Understand the impact on diagnostic image quality with obese patients, patients with physical restrictions and mental restrictions and MRI
4. Identify biological and safety concerns with the static magnetic field
5. Discuss the MRI History and Assessment Form – Pregnancy, Body Piercings, Cochlear Implants, Stents, Pacemakers, etc.
6. Understand the MRI site and restricted access to areas
7. Discuss the MRI machine, the magnetic field and possible hazards
8. Discuss coil burns and how to avoid them
9. Understand the uses of contrast in MR imaging
10. Identify the QUENCH button and what is it’s function
11. Understand the duties of the MRI Safety Officer