Course objectives

  • Be able to discuss breast anatomy & physiology
  • Differentiate between congenital anomalies and pathology.
  • List types of breast cancers and define what each is.
  • Describe the mammographic appearance of breast pathology
  • Describe the development of the breast and its changes that occur through a woman's lifetime.
  • Be able to list the portions of a pathology report and describe what they contain.
  • Describe the differences between invasive and noninvasive cancer.
  • Recognize clinical presentations of the breast that are typical for certain types of breast cancers.
  • Discuss the process known as cancer.
  • Relate the impact of cancer on the U.S. population.

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Windows XP or higher


Adobe Flash Player [If you don't currently have Adobe Flash Player or if you are using an older version then click HERE]

One gigabyte (GB) of RAM