This independent study is intended to heighten your awareness about the legal pitfalls associated with the practice of radiologic technology. Many technologists find themselves assigned job duties and responsibilities which exceed their level of experience and training. This presents a vicarious legal situation if a patient in their care is injured or suffers clinically and the proper response is not initiated. This can result in the radiologic technologist being named as a defendant if litigation occurs as a result of the incident. In the workplace, we are dependent upon the advice and protection of our employer, whether physician, clinic, or hospital for legal advice and malpractice insurance. This dependence may not always work for our benefit. This independent study presents an actual legal case and the deposition from both involved parties. You will read and evaluate the case study.

It has been estimated by some sources in the current literature that eighty percent of the litigation about misdiagnosis is targeted toward the Radiology Department. Injury to patients from untrained or poorly trained radiology personnel has been increasing. We as technologists are not knowledgeable about the legal system, the art of deposition, and incident documentation. This presents many unforeseen complications if you are involved in litigation.

In lesson One you will hear what the Radiologist says about the circumstances of the incident. In Lesson Two you will read the primary Technologist's description of the incident. This case demonstration many of the common mistakes and the risks associated with actions. The deposition has been edited to be more succinct.