Women have breast augmentation for many reasons.  Some feel their breasts are small, that as a result of gravity or childbearing their breasts have lost volume or firmness. When a woman has reached her full maturity development and feels that a breast augmentation will bring her better satisfaction of herself.  The presence of implants makes imaging the breasts more challenging and, therefore, correctly positioning the breast for mammography is vital. The degree to which implants do obscure breast tissue depends on their position, density, and level of encapsulation.  This material will discuss imaging the augmented breast, complications of augmentation, compression do’s and don’ts and how to best visualize the breast tissue of these patients.  Imaging the reconstructed breast imaging tips will be also be addressed.  You will enjoy this material and gain valuable knowledge regarding this area of breast imaging.

Course Topics:

  • Techniques for Breast Augmentation
  • Mammographic Imaging of the Augmented Breast
  • Risks and Complications of Breast Augmentation
  • Mammographic and Sonographic Findings of Implant Rupture
  • Mammography Guidelines for Women with Breast Implants
  • Mammography Guidelines for Following Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Breast Biopsy for Women with Implants
  • Mammography after Lumpectomy
  • Mammography After Subcutaneous Mastectomy
  • Mammography After Simple (Total), Modified Radical, or Radical Mastectomy
  • Breast Implant Adverse Events During Mammography
  • Compression Do’s and Don’ts
  • Technical Factor Applications