What is the definition of violence in the workforce? It will be quite a shocker for you as you! Workers are afraid to say what they really think for many reasons. Fear is the biggest reason. Fear of losing one’s job. Fear of being accused of being silly. Fear of loss of respect from co-workers. Fear, fear, fear, and more fear.  Violence and bullying don’t always come from within the workplace. Patients present their own kind of violence and bullying. Work in a healthcare setting can be and is stressful.  We cannot discuss workplace violence without including the act of bullying. This independent learning material will open your eyes to the true definitions of these workplace issues as it reveals violence in the workplace and domestic violence going to work as well.  We will discuss causes of violence in hospitals, where violence occurs and those most at risk!  The contributing factors will amaze and enlighten you!

Workplace violence is a complex issue in today’s healthcare environment. Acting on your own has no influence over the problem. It requires a concerted effort on everyone’s part to craft a program, the implementation, and the training to protect the staff.  It is obvious that Radiology suffers from the violence prevalent in the emergency room and critical care units.  As the incidence of radiology exams and procedures increases and the technology becomes more critical in the management of patients, radiologic technologists will remain at the center of the storm.  This video presentation will bring all the facts of violence in the workplace to light for all!