Whether it is film screen mammography or digital mammography, mammography is one of the most demanding examinations in medical imaging requiring fine detail, high contrast, low patient motion, low noise images, and appropriate viewing conditions. Image quality is extremely important in digital mammography and it is essential to assure that the entire mammographic imaging system is functioning optimally. This includes the mammographic x-ray system, the digital image acquisition system, the mammography archival and communications system, the viewing area, and digital displays.

This enduring material will take you on a journey into the world of digital mammography quality control procedures. Explore why we do the QC testing and what the QC numbers mean.  You will understand digital mammography QC as it relates to different detector technologies.

Course Topics:

  • Phantom Image Quality Control
  • MTF Measurement
  • System Resolution
  • SNR Check
  • CNR Test
  • Display Device Calibration Check
  • Flat Field
  • Repeat Analysis/Visual/Compression
    • Printer
    • Comparison of QC Tests on Various Detector Technologies