Mammography positioning is very difficult and challenging.  Proper positioning is critical for breast cancer detection.  The technologist must follow the proper standards for positioning and compression in order to achieve optimal imaging.  After the images are acquired the images must be critiqued and the technologist determines if repeats are necessary.  You will learn an accurate and efficient system for image critique.  Using breast anatomy and landmarks to assist you with this critical process will make it simple and easy to make sure you do not forget any of the key areas to review.  In the fast paced day of the mammography technologists keeping up can be stressful and it is easy to pass the clinical image after a quick look but in reality it takes focus and attention to detail to be an expert at image critique.  This presentation is a live image critique session with front line mammographers critiquing clinical cases.  Join them to learn a valuable tool to put in your mammography toolbox.  Be an EXPERT at image critique and give your radiologist the best every day on every patient


  • Recognize positioning deficiencies on the clinical image
  • Discuss the steps required for properly critiquing images
  • Demonstrate how to properly critique mammography images
  • Develop a method to quickly and optimally critique mammography images
  • Understand how to use breast anatomy for optimizing image critique
  • List the area to evaluate on each mammography image
  • Understand how to use landmarks in the breast to assist with image critique
  • Recognize and discuss positioning deficiencies on the CC and MLO views
  • Demonstrate knowledge of mammography image critique
  • Implement an efficient and optimal image critique system